What is our cancellation policy?

Once you make a reservation you may cancel or reschedule 7 days prior for a full refund. Sailing and boating in Chicago is dependent on the weather. Although we do not reschedule because of rain we will reschedule if there are thunderstorms, high winds exceeding 28mph, or waves of 5’ or more that can be extremely uncomfortable. This is strictly the captain’s call and will be decided up to two hours before the charter and /or lessons begin. If the weather forecast is extreme, the captain may decide even earlier. At which time other dates and times will be offered, also at the discretion of the captain.


Harbor Parking is very limited and is located just south or right of 31st overpass. The best route is to use a ride share service. You may also find hourly parking at 31st beach north or left, or just west of Lakeshore Drive. Both places a 10 min walk to the vessel. Give yourself 30 extra minutes to park and find your way to the boat. Please arrive at the vessel 15 min before departure so that we can go over the safety equipment and protocols. Because we are booked up, we are unable to extend our charters even if you are late and we cannot offer refunds for being late while the Captain and crew are waiting for your arrival.

What to Bring

Check the weather and wear suitable clothing and bring sunscreen.

Bring your own food and beverages. Drinking water and ice are provided.

There is a caterer that can deliver dockside if requested a week prior to your sailing date.

Bring your own motion sickness medication especially if you are prone to car sickness.


Swimming is at your own risk! Anchoring the vessel in order to swim is only allowed in two designated locations in chicago, Monroe Harbor near downtown and Olive Park on the northside of Navy Pier. Reaching these places is dependent on the weather as we are a sailing vessel. If you plan to swim let us know in advance and please bring your own towels

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